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Maximize your Asset Value

MAXET provides solutions to make the best use of your valuable assets.



Contribution to a more prosperous Society by utilizing limited resources



Creating a fair marketplace that can be used worldwide


Always be humble and devote ourselves for Society, Customers and Partners ​

Providing the best Solution to our customers from a professional and fair standpoint ​

Always take on new challenges


CEO Message


株式会社MAXET代表取締役社長 | 佐藤 司

MAXET provides solutions for clients to MAXimize their assET value.

Machines and Equipment made and used in Japan are well maintained and have highest durability. If they are of less value in Japan, they can still play an important role at manufacturing plants overseas. They can still be sold to third parties either domestically or internationally. MAXET believe that we should pursue the most effective use of limited resources.

However; many of these assets end their life in Japan due to Japanese unique export regulations and limited logistics capability in relocation or being sold cheaper than the real value due to the wrong approaches to market for sale.

Our mission is to create a worldwide fair marketplace where these assets can be transferred to the next user at their highest value. 


We are a small organization as just starting up; however, we are very passionate and professional about what we do.

MAXET Co., Ltd.

Tsukasa  Sato


Company Profile




Yokohama Blue Avenue 12F​, 4-4-2 Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa

220-0012, JAPAN  


April 21, 2022(June 1st, 2022 Start of Operation)


30,000,000 yen


Tsukasa Sato

Business content

Purchase and Sale of Machinery and Equipment

Relocation, Engineering and Installation work for Machinery and  Equipment

Evaluation and Appraisal of Machinery and Equipment

​Trade / Export / Import / Relocation of Machinery and Equipment

Access map

By car:

By train:

5 minutes from Minatomirai Exit * There is a parking in the building

1 minute walk from "Shin-Takashima Station" on the Minatomirai Line
11 minutes walk from "Yokohama Station"

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